Sharyn Mascall

Sharyn graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Speech and Hearing from the Western Australian Institute of Technology in 1984. She has extensive experience in the public sector, having worked in the Child Development Service and at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children. She joined the TLC-WA team in 2000 and is passionate about helping children and their families achieve their goals including improved speech-sound production, early words, understanding, sentence structure, communication, and eating skills.

Sharyn works predominantly with pre-school-aged children to support their development with speech-sound, language, communication and eating difficulties, including Autistic children and children with developmental differences. She is trained in ‘PROMPT’ and the ‘Early Start Denver Model’. Sharyn relishes her time working closely with families to deliver the best possible outcomes for their children through play based and structured activities, exploring their child’s strengths and interests. When not at work, Sharyn enjoys playing hockey, sewing and spending time with her family.

Sharyn is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist.