TLC-WA provides psychological assessment and therapies relating to a variety of emotional difficulties experienced by infants, young children, adolescents, adults and families.

Our Psychologist, Susann, has over 20 years’ clinical experience and has worked across a number of health sectors including Child Psychology, Adolescent and Family Psychology, Adult Primary Care, Disability Services and Child Protection. She has considerable expertise around Autism Spectrum Disorders and a passion for early intervention, supporting infants and young children experiencing emotional difficulties.

Susann takes an holistic approach to working with her clients, taking the time to gain a deep understanding of their unique circumstances and supporting both them and their families on their journey to emotional well-being. At TLC-WA, we provide a safe and caring environment in which clients feel nurtured to explore the root causes of their challenges, build their resilience and develop at a pace they feel comfortable with.

We rely on evidence based intervention programmes and tailor therapies to meet the varying needs of our child and adult clients. As a practice, we also work collaboratively, building a multi-disciplinary team around clients, as needed, to facilitate the best possible outcomes for them and their families.

We provide services in the following areas of Psychology:

Child and Adolescent

In an era characterised by extensive use of social media, many children and adolescents feel enormous pressure to achieve unrealistic levels of physical beauty, success and wealth. It’s never been easier for kids to compare themselves to others which can lead to feelings of inadequacy, depression and stress.

TLC-WA’s highly experienced psychologist has over 20 years’ experience working with both children and adults struggling with a range of mental health issues. With adolescent children of her own, Susann provides a safe and caring environment in which she tailors evidence based interventions to each individual client, as well as psychoeducational training for parents, as required.

Susann relies on age-appropriate cognitive behavioural therapy to support young people in developing an emotional vocabulary, understanding and expressing their emotions and developing individualised relaxation and coping strategies. She supports children, adolescents and families struggling with:

  • Anxiety, panic disorders and phobias;
  • Self-esteem issues;
  • Depression and associated emotional difficulties;
  • Marriage separations and relationship issues;
  • School refusal and related emotional difficulties;
  • Behavioural issues;
  • Anger management;
  • Eating disorders and food related issues;
  • Performance related issues such as anxiety around exams;
  • Issues relating to disabilities or diagnosed conditions such as Autism.

Adult Psychology

TLC-WA’s Psychologist has extensive experience working with all age groups from infants, children and adolescents through to young adults and older people. She is uniquely positioned to support children experiencing mental health difficulties as we as their parents, providing an holistic approach to caring for the family unit as a whole. Susann also works independently with adults, providing comprehensive psychological assessments and evidence based interventions for psycho-social and emotional difficulties including:

  • Depression;
  • Emotional difficulties;
  • Low self-esteem;
  • Anxiety, phobias and panic disorders;
  • Adjustment and life transition issues;
  • Anger management.

Susann relies on a psychodynamic approach to therapy, focusing on increasing her client’s self-awareness and understanding of the past on their present behaviour. She also tailors cognitive behavioural therapies to support the development of coping strategies across each client’s unique environments.

Parenting and Behaviour Management Assistance

TLC-WA specialises in supporting parents of infants, children and teenagers struggling with behaviour issues. From tantrums, anti-social behaviour and defiance through to dishonesty, disrespect and withdrawal, we work closely with parents to gain a deep understanding of their unique challenges and the types of behaviour in their children that are causing disharmony.

With over 20 years’ experience working with infants, young children, adolescents and adults, TLC-WA’s Psychologist tailors intervention programmes to support enhancing the child’s emotional capabilities, improving the way in which they respond to certain situations and decreasing their undesirable behaviour. Parents are also supported in coping with behavioural issues and provided with practical tools to successfully contribute to their child’s emotional development.

Anxiety and Depression

Whilst it’s natural to feel sad or nervous from time to time, for some people, experiencing prolonged periods of extreme depression or anxiety can become a reluctantly accepted way of life. Anxiety and depression differ from occasional periods of feeling low in that they tend to relate to multiple areas of a person’s life and are usually experienced over an extended time frame.

Anxiety and depression can vary in severity from mild to extreme, with some people experiencing a full emotional shutdown as a result of their psychological struggles. TLC-WA’s caring and empathic Psychologist has considerable experience supporting both children and adults dealing with a range of anxiety and depression related issues. Susann takes the time to really understand her clients, building a sound therapeutic relationship to get to the heart of what is causing them distress. She specialises in tailoring functional therapies designed to offer each client practical coping strategies for their unique circumstances and an achievable path to emotional well-being. Susann also provides a nurturing environment in which clients can develop and improve at a pace that works for them.


Whether relating to children at school, young people at university or adults in the work place, bullying can have serious psychological impacts. Victims can be made to feel ugly or inferior and potentially suffer long-term detrimental effects to their sense of self-worth.

TLC-WA’s Psychologist has worked with both adults and children experiencing a range of bullying related issues. Susann provides a caring and empathic environment in which to establish a deep connection with her clients and understand their unique circumstances. She relies on evidence based interventions tailored to each client’s needs which are designed to improve coping skills, build resilience and enhance self-esteem.



TLC-WA took the difficult decision to close all face to face appointments for our clients from Tuesday 24th March 2020. This difficult decision was made in order to protect the health of our therapists, our clients and the wider community. All ongoing therapy will be provided via Telehealth for the foreseeable future. Those clients that have participated in Telehealth appointments this week found the new service delivery model, whilst different, was definitely beneficial. All our therapists will be contacting their clients asap by telephone to provide further information.

The NDIA have approved the use of funds for Telehealth appointments. Please follow the link for further information for participants  We are awaiting further information from Medicare and private health funds regarding rebates. For those clients with a Mental Health Care Plan for psychology services, will be able to access Telehealth appointments from Monday 30th March 2020. Those sessions will be bulk billed. Please call us on (08) 9301 1154 if you would like to access psychology services via Telehealth. We continue to await news for Telehealth rebates becoming available for speech pathology, occupational therapy and physiotherapy. We will update information as soon as it becomes available.

Please be reassured that we will continue to support and provide services for all our clients during these difficult and challenging times. If you have any questions please either email or call us on (08) 9301 1154 and please leave a message. We will respond to all enquiries as soon as possible.

Keep your distance, stay safe, stay well and we will all get through this together.

With best wishes,
Diana Chivers