Our Values


At TLC-WA, we strongly believe that, in order to maximise treatment outcomes, our services must be as adaptable and responsive as possible to the varying challenges faced by our clients. We approach every family’s case with an open mind, ready to listen and tailor programmes specifically to meet their needs.


Having experienced the profound difference appropriate treatments can make in the everyday lives of our clients, we are committed to keeping abreast of the latest, innovative approaches from around the world. Our team members work collaboratively, continually updating their skills and exchanging expertise, ideas and experience to ensure our clients benefit from the most up to date and effective treatments available.


At TLC-WA, we treat clients with a range of difficulties, ranging from mild to severe. We are sensitive to the varying needs of our clients and are committed to ensuring our services are provided in the most sensitive and caring way possible. We take the time to tune-in to the strengths and interests of each client and structure treatments tailored to their individual attributes. We maintain honest, transparent and respectful channels of communication with families and, above all, aim to make the process an enjoyable one for our clients. We find this approach maximises their engagement, therefore facilitating optimal outcomes.

Growth and Development

Across our diverse client base, we meet a variety of families, all seeking outcomes unique to them. Rather than relying on preconceived expectations of treatment outcomes, we work closely with families to prioritise their goals and structure treatments around achieving those goals. Essentially, we are about working in partnership with families and empowering each client to achieve growth and development, ultimately realising their full potential. In doing this, we also strive to evolve both as individual clinicians and as a practice, continually seeking out professional development opportunities and enhancing our services to meet the varying needs of our clients.