Dr Janeske van der Walt

After qualifying as a physiotherapist in South Africa (2000) at the University of Pretoria, Janeske worked as a locum at various hospitals and rehab centers in the United Kingdom for two years. This is where she realised her passion was to work with individuals with neurological impairments. She returned to South Africa to complete her Masters degree in neurology / neurosurgery (2007).

She and her husband Tommie were blessed with twins in 2009. They were born prematurely and this is where Janeske’s passion expanded to include prematurely born infants and their parents or caregivers (as she now had personal experience of this journey that parents or caregivers embark on with their infants). Janeske started working in the field of paediatrics in 2019 after completing her PhD (Physiotherapy) that focused on the management of prematurely born infants in the neonatal intensive care units (NICU) and high care units (HCU) in South Africa. She has completed various courses like the MAES therapy 4 week and advanced courses. These courses provided her with a deeper understanding and insight of how to assess and treat children or infants with cerebral palsy or other neurological impairments.

During her time as a private practice owner, working as a paediatric physiotherapist, Janeske was fortunate to work with families who had prematurely born infants in the NICU. Here she performed the General Movement Assessment (GMA) to identify infants at risk of neurological impairment. She also followed these infants up over the course of a year after discharge from hospital. She also enjoyed the assessment and treatment of children with a variety of diagnosis such as cerebral palsy, Angelman syndrome, Downs syndrome, Erb’s palsy to name a few.

Janeske moved to Perth in January 2024 with her family and is excited to join the TLC team of therapists to provide a holistic approach to assessment and treatment of children or infants with various neurological challenges.

Janeske loves spending time with her family and friends. In her free time she enjoys reading, playing the piano and cuddling with her Himalayan cat, Neo!