Managing Partners


Helen BoltonB App Sc, Grad Dip Ed, CPSP, Certified PROMPT Clinician Helen Helen is a Speech Pathologist who specialises in working with young children with motor-speech disorders, Autism & developmental disabilities and children & adults with voice problems. She graduated from Curtin University in 1980. Prior to commencing in private practice she worked in both government and non-government sectors, including positions with Disability Services Commission, Autistic Association of WA & Cerebral Palsy Association, where she was Principal Speech Pathologist.In 2005 Helen was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study in Canada & USA. She pursued her interest in Autism and the use of PROMPT to develop speech in young Autistic children. Subsequently Helen has become a Certified PROMPT practitioner and has supported teaching of PROMPT courses in Singapore and Hong Kong. She presents PROMPT training workshops for the parents of clients who are receiving PROMPT therapy, enabling them to reinforce the PROMPT therapy in the home environment.In 2009 Helen expanded her skills, venturing into the area of ‘Voice’. This brought together her passion for singing within her professional area of expertise, culminating with the launch to TLC–Voice. Helen is in the process of becoming a Certified Master Teacher of Estill Voice. She has presented a paper at the Australasian Voice Summit and Estill World Voice Symposium at Harvard University, Boston in 2013.


Sandy GrayB App Sc, Grad Dip Ed, CPSP Sandy Sandy Gray is one of the managing partners at TLC-WA. Sandy trained with Helen Bolton at WAIT [Western Australian Institute of Technology] now known as Curtin University and graduated in 1980. She first worked at Disability Services Commission becoming a Senior Speech pathologist before leaving to have her first child. At DSC Sandy worked on the Early Intervention term for a number of years before going to Gladys Newton School. After having her first child she worked at the Autism Association in school-age services before leaving to having her second child. She then went on to work at DSC running weekly groups for children with disability followed by a part-time at Therapy Focus. She then moved on to private practice and linked up with Helen to form Northern Suburbs Speech Pathology Services which was established in 1994. Her two particular passions in regard to her caseload are literacy and autism.Sandy is currently married with two adult children and a dog. Her husband Martin is an accountant. Sandy’s 26 year old daughter Kristen is a Clinical Psychologist registrar, who is married and living in the USA. Her 23 year son Caiden is qualified as a Civil and Mining Engineer.