Niki Lawson niki 4 St M Nov 09

Niki Lawson is an accredited practising dietitian (APD), and Paediatric dietitian with over 20 years experience.  She is also qualified in counselling and has a child and family-centred approach to helping achieve better nutrition in sometimes difficult circumstances.  Niki works with both children and adults.  She is interested in all aspects of healthy diet and specialises in food allergies and intolerances, including those which may be a factor in irritable bowel syndrome (FODMAPS diets).

Niki has a special interest in fussy eating and feeding difficulties.  Along with Occupational Therapist, Rosalind Garside, Niki runs the “Stepping Up to New Foods” program at TLC on Wednesday mornings.

Recently Niki has also developed expertise on the 5:2 ‘Fasting’ Diet, popularised by Dr Michael Mosley.  The diet is an effective and evidence-based approach to slow and steady weight loss in adults, with metabolic benefits for chronic disease prevention.  Niki is available to assist individuals and groups who wish to follow this program.

Niki is experienced in running hands on healthy cooking groups for all ages and situations and she is available to visit and speak with mothers groups, play groups and school groups on a variety of nutrition and healthy eating topics.

When Niki is not working at TLC, she is sometimes to be found working in remote indigenous communities on the edge of the Gibson Desert, as part of the specialist medical ‘Outreach to the Outback’ program.

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