Administration Team


Administration Team:

Richelle Todd 
(Office Manager)
Untitled Richelle has been with us at TLC-WA for a LONG time! She is primarily responsible for overseeing the administration team and dealing with the ‘financial’ side of client services.
Dominque Kidd 20130511_221923 Dominique has also been at TLC-WA for a LONG time! Dom’s expertise is in the placement for clients in staff members’ timetables – finding that ‘perfect’ time and day is just one of her challenges! 
Kathy Golowacz Kathy Kathy is frequently at the front desk, welcoming our families and taking calls! Among other things, she coordinates places in the PROMPT parent workshops.
Kerry Pattenden Kerry Kerry is also quite often at the front desk, while she deals with your enquiries and placements of children in our many groups! Kerry also helps the staff keep up to date with sending information back to your GP following EPC referrals!