School-Aged Children


Literacy Skills in School-Aged Children: Reading, Spelling & Writing

Approximately 16% of Australian children have difficulties learning to read. (Westwood, 2001).

Does your child:

  • • know the relationship between the letter names and sounds of the alphabet? (e.g. the letter ‘S’ makes a ‘sss’ sound)
  • • often make mistakes reading or spelling common words? (e.g. was/saw)
  • • have difficulty reading words quickly and accurately or substitutes similar-looking words?
  • • struggle to understand the meaning of what they read?
  • • have difficulty remembering how to spell words and apply spelling rules?
  • • have difficulty planning and writing texts (e.g. recounts about the weekend, school projects)
  • • complain about completing literacy tasks for homework?
  • • have a family member (or family members) with reading or writing difficulties?

At TLC-WA, we help children of all ages to develop their literacy skills- ranging from kindergarten through to high school.  Our experienced Speech Pathologists can complete a comprehensive assessment which will identify your child’s particular areas of strength and weakness.  This means that therapy is tailored to suit your child’s exact needs.  Parents are trained to help your child and implement the strategies at home.

How can a Speech Pathologist help my child with literacy?

Speech pathologists have specialised knowledge and experience in the development of speaking and listening skills, including an in depth understanding of the way sounds and words are formed.  We know the importance of keeping the learning process fun and how to explain complex concepts in an easy to understand way.