Pre-school children


Early Literacy Skills in Preschool/Kindergarten and Pre-primary

Approximately 16% of Australian children have difficulties learning to read. (Westwood, 2001).
Does your child:
• have trouble remembering the alphabet or identifying letters and the sounds they make?
• have difficulty playing ‘I Spy’ (guessing words that start with a given sound)?
• have trouble writing their name?
• avoid listening to stories with you?
• have trouble remembering nursery rhymes?
• have a family member (or family members) with reading and writing difficulties?

At TLC-WA, our experienced Speech Pathologists can identify young children who are at-risk of having trouble learning to read and spell. There is no reason to wait and see; early intervention is vital and can prevent struggles later on in the classroom. Parents can learn fun and easy ways to develop your child’s skills at home and give you the confidence to help your child learn to read and write!