Group Sessions


TLC-WA offers a range of groups which usually run on a fortnightly basis during the school terms. Our 2018 term groups will be posted soon, in the meantime, see what’s available for Term 1, 2018. These groups run from our office in Joondalup, depending on client needs and availability of staff.

  • School-aged social skills
  • Social/Language skills for younger children
  • Auditory processing

Groups may run after school or within school hours (usually these are for younger children or those in early primary). At least two therapists work together with the groups to best facilitate the clients’ needs. The group goals are planned according to the clients’ and parents’ needs within each group – copies of these will be provided to you when your child commences a group.  The groups run for 1 – 1 1/4 hours. Here are a few things to help US and YOU with your child’s attendance at groups sessions. As other clinicians are treating children and our receptionists need to respond to phone calls and help other parents, we need to keep our noise level to a minimum to ensure the clinic continues to operate smoothly. To facilitate this, we need you to:

1.  Arrive just in time for the start so we minimise the waiting time (and noise level) as the children are excitedly waiting for the session to commence.  
2.  Pay for your session once your child is in the group room. 
3.  During group if you would like to talk about your children with each other, you’ll need to do so away from the office/waiting room area – perhaps at the park or at the Lakeside Joondalup shopping centre. With our commitment to yours/your child’s privacy, we discourage you from sharing information about your child in our waiting room.
4. Please come back in time at least 5 MINUTES prior to the session ending time and then be ready to leave AS SOON AS the children are dismissed.
5. In accordance with our Privacy Policy, we do not give you feedback about your child in the waiting room.  However, following the session,  you will be given brief written feedback on your child’s participation in the session. Your therapists’ contact details will be on this, so should you have further queries, you can email them directly.

Families are expected to make a commitment to participate in the group for the whole term, i.e. five sessions. You are always welcome to contact staff via email regarding specific goals that you would like to see included in the programme. For further information about groups and/or to be placed on a waiting list for a group, please contact us.